Convert Esso Smiles Points to MoneyBack Points
Now you can convert Smiles Points to MoneyBack Points, simply download and fill in the form, and return it to any Esso or Feoso service station.

300 Smiles Points500 MoneyBack Points
1500 Smiles Points2500 MoneyBack Points
2400 Smiles Points4000 MoneyBack Points
3600 Smiles Points6000 MoneyBack Points

Convert MoneyBack Points to Esso Smiles Points
You can also convert MoneyBack Points to Smiles Points, so as to redeem free petrol at any Esso or Feoso service station.

Conversion rate:

2500 MoneyBack Points1250 Smiles Points
5000 MoneyBack Points2500 Smiles Points
7500 MoneyBack Points3750 Smiles Points
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