Convert Esso Smiles Points to MoneyBack Points
  • Now you can convert Smiles to MoneyBack Points through:
    Esso website
  • 300 Smiles Points  500 MoneyBack Points
  • 1500 Smiles Points  2500 MoneyBack Points
  • 2400 Smiles Points  4000 MoneyBack Points
  • 3600 Smiles Points  6000 MoneyBack Points

Convert MoneyBack Points to Esso Smiles Points
  • You can also convert MoneyBack Points to Smiles Points, so as to redeem free petrol at any Esso or Feoso service station.
Conversion rate:
  • 2500 MoneyBack Points  1250 Smiles Points
  • 5000 MoneyBack Points  2500 Smiles Points
  • 7500 MoneyBack Points  3750 Smiles Points

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